We aim at organising the meeting according to the criteria of the Austrian Eco-label for Green Meetings.

  • If possible, please choose an environmentally friendly form of transport by using public transportation systems or car sharing
  • If you must travel by car, or by plane, it is possible to arrange a CO2 emission offset payment.
  • If possible, please choose an environmentally certified hotel (Oesterreichisches Umweltzeichen, Europa?isches Ecolabel, EMAS, and others.)
  • Please use your hotel’s eco-friendly services (e.g. changing towels and bed sheets only on demand)
  • Switch off all lights and electronic devices (TV, air conditioning, heating, computer, etc.) when leaving your hotel room
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle– please choose drinks served in glass, food served on reusable dishes, and avoid products in disposable packaging
  • Please dispose of your waste (PET, glass, paper, metal, batteries) by using the separate bins in your hotel and at the congress venue
  • Please use public transport or walk
  • Please use online registration and non-printed media instead of paper/handouts
  • Please bring your own pens
  • Please return your badge at the info point after the congress has ended

for further information please contact our Green Meeting Agent: Gernot Scherling (, +43 316 316254)

Advanced MRI from head to toe is a green meeting